4.26M / 14′ Lattice Girder

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A Scaffold Depot lattice girder

Product Description

SD 4.26M /14′  Lattice Girder are extra strong horizontal bracing that allows larger spans or gaps over walkways, roads, ditches etc.



SD Lattice Girders are also used a lot by  production and staging companies  to build stages and lighting towers.



Lattice Girders are heavy-duty steel, hot-dipped galvanized finish that ensures low maintenance, and durable components.

Part # Imperial Length Metric Length Weight
SDLG4.26M 14 ft 4.26M 99 lbs
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Products in this line/category

Part # Description Imperial Length Metric Length Weight Quantity Add To Quote
SDLG4.26M 4.26M Lattice Girder - Galvanized 14 ft 4.26M 99 lbs
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SDLG5.18M 5.18M Lattice Girder - Galvanized 17 ft 5.18M 119 lbs
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SDLG6.39M 6.39M Lattice Girder - Galvanized 21 ft 6.39M 144 lbs
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SDLG8.52 8.52M Lattice Girder - Galvanized 28 ft 8.52M 195 lbs
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Innovative Manufacturing Process

Proudly manufactured in Surrey, B.C., Scaffold Depot's automated facility is capable of roll forming 9" wide steel planks, assembled with bolt-on, or welded hooks. A large inventory of raw material allows Scaffold Depot to manufacture a variety of custom sizes and styles on short notice. Stock sizes are available immediately upon request.
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Leading Quality Assurance

We strive to develop new procedures to increase manufacturing distribution and marketing efficiencies, ensuring Scaffold Depot is able to offer competitive pricing while maintaining the high standards demanded by our customers. Scaffold Depot has entered into a cooperative agreement with an ISO registered manufacturing partner to develop a complete line of Wedge Couplers with world wide exclusivity.
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Worldwide Shipping Capability

We ship Worldwide! Scaffold Depot offers manufacturer direct, container load quantities and pricing, meticulous, professional customer service and the highest quality production standards.

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Industrial Capital Projects

Scaffold Depot offers a wide range of products and services for industrial capital projects, maintenance and new construction projects across North America. Of primary importance in any project is safety. Working directly with our customers we have developed a commitment to provide safe, durable, quality, products that meet all applicable industry regulations and standards.
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