SD Ring System

SD Ring System Scaffold Depot's complete line of Ring System is used extensively in the refinery and petrochemical industries, pulp & paper mills, power stations and new construction.

SD Ring logo iconSystem Scaffold Features

• Versatile and quick to install
• Durable, rust resistant Galvanized finish
• High Strength components adapt to any application
• Compatible with our full line of accessories and stair components

Ring System Components

SD Series Standards

Hot-dipped galvanized standards are available in a variety of lengths, from 0.5M - 3M, and feature multiple rosettes, allowing for adaptability to a multitude of applications.
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SD Series Baybraces

Bay Braces feature wedge locking system, allowing quick, secure support, diagonally across individual bays.
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SD Series Ledgers

Single (Horizontal) Ledgers double as guardrails and bracing, and feature a wedge locking system, providing fast, secure connections without requiring additional couplers.
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SD Series Truss (Double) Ledgers

Truss Ledgers, also known as Double Ledgers, are an extra beefy ledger that are usually used on deck levels or high load points.
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SD Series Mid-Transoms

Mid-Transoms are used on the deck level to provide a middle bar to the inside of a bay by straddling both the outer ledgers or trust ledgers.
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SD Series Lattice Girder

Hot-dipped galvanized finish accessories ensures long-life, and low maintenance. Gravity Fit securing system allows for fast, tool-less installation.
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Ring System Accessories

Aluminum Beam & Tube

High-strength and non-corrosive, Aluminum beam's light weight allows for reduced strain on components and erectors.
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Casters feature dual locking brakes to prevent swiveling or rolling while towers are in use, and are manufactured to high-standards to ensure safety and durability.
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Base Collar

The Base Collar with single rosette is placed onto the screwjack prior to the standards, and allows for an easy base out of the scaffold.
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Side Brackets

Side Brackets are available in 0.44M, 0.65M, 1.05M, and 1.15M lengths in a hot-dipped galvanized finish.
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Access Ladders

Manufactured using high tensile, 1.9" O.D. Aluminum tubing, compatible with TLFI Right Angle and Swivel Couplers.
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SD 7' Stair Stringers

7 foot Stair Stringers utilize mounting pegs on both sides to eliminate requiring different components for left and right sides.
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Stair Treads

32" wide Stair Tread features corrugated step for increased traction, and hot-dipped galvanized finish, ensuring long-life, and low maintenance.
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Screwjacks & Baseplates

Scaffold Depot carries a full line of Galvanized Base plates and adjustable Screwjacks, Casterjacks, and U-heads.
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SD 12" Gin Pulleys, ideal for the safe passing of scaffolding components up to higher levels, or down during dismantle.
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Steel Cage & Storage Rack

Stackable cages and racks help to maximize yard and site storage, allowing for more efficient use of space and proper storage.
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Pins & Ties

All pins are electro-galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion, and ensure long life and durability.
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Swing Gates

Swing Gates lock close to help eliminate fall hazards and open to allow access to other sections of scaffold.
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Innovative Manufacturing Process

Proudly manufactured in Surrey, B.C., Scaffold Depot's automated facility is capable of roll forming 9" wide steel planks, assembled with bolt-on, or welded hooks. A large inventory of raw material allows Scaffold Depot to manufacture a variety of custom sizes and styles on short notice. Stock sizes are available immediately upon request.
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Leading Quality Assurance

We strive to develop new procedures to increase manufacturing distribution and marketing efficiencies, ensuring Scaffold Depot is able to offer competitive pricing while maintaining the high standards demanded by our customers. Scaffold Depot has entered into a cooperative agreement with an ISO registered manufacturing partner to develop a complete line of Wedge Couplers with world wide exclusivity.
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Worldwide Shipping Capability

We ship Worldwide! Scaffold Depot offers manufacturer direct, container load quantities and pricing, meticulous, professional customer service and the highest quality production standards.

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Industrial Capital Projects

Scaffold Depot offers a wide range of products and services for industrial capital projects, maintenance and new construction projects across North America. Of primary importance in any project is safety. Working directly with our customers we have developed a commitment to provide safe, durable, quality, products that meet all applicable industry regulations and standards.
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