TLFI Clamps

Scaffold Depot Total Lock Fittings Inc. (®TLFI) Scaffolding Couplers are now being used extensively throughout the Industrial and Commercial sectors across North America.

About the TLFI Line

Years of research, development and testing have gone into manufacturing a coupler comparable in strength and quality to the commonly accepted industry leaders.


Now industry proven across North America, the TLFI line makes no compromises, sacrificing nothing in build quality and durability.

Wedge Clamps

Right Angle Wedge Clamp

TLFI Tube to Frame Right-Angle Wedge Clamp ( TFRA) come in handy when tying into a building structure or ring system scaffold
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Swivel Wedge Clamp

TLFI Swivel Wedge Clamp are available in both Tube to Tube/ Tube to Frame clamp styles.
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Ledger Head Clamp

TLFI Ledger Head Adapter Clamp attaches to SD ring system rosette and is right angle clamps.
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End to End Outside Joiner

TLFI End to End Outside Joiner, are a great way to connect two aluminum end tubes together.
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Tube or Frame Half Clamp

TLFI Tube or Frame Half Clamps are available for custom projects and applications to suit your needs.
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Swivel Ledger Head Clamp

TLFI Swivel Ledger Head Adapter Clamp attaches to SD ring system rosette then attaches to aluminum tube at different angles to get the perfect setup.
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Saddle Pin

TLFI Saddle pins provides you with a coupling pin where ever you need it, on top of the frame header.
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TLFI Spigots are designed for SD ring system scaffold to attach tube to ledgers, truss ledgers, and standards.
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Bolt Clamps

Rosette Clamp

TLFI Rosette clamps are great for using to make a special size standards.
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Swivel Bolt Clamp

TLFI Swivel Bolt Clamps allow you to do custom angles to do unlimited projects and designs.
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Right Angle Bolt Clamp

TLFI Right-Angle Bolt Clamps are a little bit more flexible ( then wedge clamps ) on tubing sizes for doing tube to tube or tube to frame applications.
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Tube to Shore Swivel Bolt

TLFI Tube to Shore Swivel Clamp are used to attach tube (48mm) to post shore (76mm) at any degree angle.
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Beam Clamps

Right Angle Beam Clamp

Right Angle Beam Clamps create secure connections between Pipe and Beam at right angles.
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Swivel Beam Clamp

Swivel Beam Clamps has a swivel to create secure connections between Pipe and Beam at different angles.
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Innovative Manufacturing Process

Proudly manufactured in Surrey, B.C., Scaffold Depot's automated facility is capable of roll forming 9" wide steel planks, assembled with bolt-on, or welded hooks. A large inventory of raw material allows Scaffold Depot to manufacture a variety of custom sizes and styles on short notice. Stock sizes are available immediately upon request.
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Leading Quality Assurance

We strive to develop new procedures to increase manufacturing distribution and marketing efficiencies, ensuring Scaffold Depot is able to offer competitive pricing while maintaining the high standards demanded by our customers. Scaffold Depot has entered into a cooperative agreement with an ISO registered manufacturing partner to develop a complete line of Wedge Couplers with world wide exclusivity.
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Worldwide Shipping Capability

We ship Worldwide! Scaffold Depot offers manufacturer direct, container load quantities and pricing, meticulous, professional customer service and the highest quality production standards.

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Industrial Capital Projects

Scaffold Depot offers a wide range of products and services for industrial capital projects, maintenance and new construction projects across North America. Of primary importance in any project is safety. Working directly with our customers we have developed a commitment to provide safe, durable, quality, products that meet all applicable industry regulations and standards.
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